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World Book Day: Alternative Tips on What Your Kids Can Wear

TODAY is World Book Day as children get ready to dress up in their favourite characters from their favourite books.

In the last decade millions of children have favoured the Harry Potter look but World Book Day has taken a new twist thanks to school children being exposed to a wider range of famous books – as the access to the internet has become easier.

Today Dafty News readers sent in their Top 3 book characters that kids can dress up as…

Book: IT
by Stephen King

Tip: Dress your child up in a blood-stained clown costume, brandishing an axe. The teachers might not be happy about it but at least you won’t get any hassle from the school bullies.

Book: Mein Kampf
By Adolph Hitler

Tip: You can dress your child up in full Nazi regalia. It will be sure to cause controversy but more importantly you will be mistaken for a UKIP supporter.

Book: May I Have Your Attention, Please?: The Autobiography
By James Corden

Tip:  Not recommended and dressing up as James Corden should be avoided at all costs. This is because your kid will look like a complete twat and be picked on not only by the bullies but by all the teachers and parents, too.

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