Works’ Christmas Party-Goers Urged to Drink More and Have Illicit Unprotected Sex

A NEW crackdown on Christmas parties this year has been introduced that will see those not taking part in illicit sex and getting absolutely hammered could receive fines and face possible sackings, it has emerged.

Spokesperson for the Christmas Party Bash Where Anything & Everything Goes told Dafty News this morning as millions get set to have their works’ Christmas parties: “For too long workers (and particularly office workers) have been too cautious and conservative.

“We need internal emotional carnage, lots of regret and more office gang-banging and drink-fuelled orgies. It’s Christmas after all.”

Meanwhile those heading to their works’ Christmas party have been encouraged to carry out their unreserved and unequivocal fantasies by banging their boss or even the office cleaning lady and induce as much liver failure as possible.




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