Women With Positive Attitude Named Britain’s Biggest Pain in The Arse

HAVING A vibrant and positive attitude has landed highly-driven women up and down the country in the Biggest Pain in the Arse category, according to a new poll.

Motivation psychologists fear the numbers could rise in women taking affirmative action with their lives after millions of goals and targets were said to be planned earlier this year.

Leading motivational expert Hanna Glumpdale told Dafty News about the worrying new figure: “There are far too many women with real positive energy and it’s very concerning.

“Around 99% of those women show signs of having too much positive energy whilst the other 1% have been caught attending motivational seminars to learn positive energy.”

The news is another staggering blow after another poll revealed around 97% of those who attend motivational seminars and worship self-help books are more likely to make you want to stab them in the throat with a heavy ornament.

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