Woman Recovering In Hospital From Exhaustion After Being Overwhelmed With Facebook Petition Invites

A 36-YEAR-OLD mother-of-four was being treated in hospital last night for exhaustion after receiving an incredible 6,000 invites to sign petitions on Facebook, it has emerged.

Doctors say the busy housewife almost overdosed on Facebook petition invites and warned other users on the social media site to be vigilant and take extra precaution.

Doctor Helmstein spoke to the press outside the hospital where the woman was being looked after.

He said: “Receiving and having to sign an online petition via Facebook is okay in moderation but consuming more than three each day can cause the body to convulse and on occasions combustion is likely.

It is understood the woman signed a full range of petitions just to keep on the good side of her Facebook friends.

Those petitions included:

  • Calls for strict heat regulations - end suffering of boiled eggs now
  • Support chairs with fragile legs - do not allow fat people to sit on them
  • Back our daily alkies - sign and help everyone with a drink problem by donating a bottle
  • Stop the sale of anything that costs more than you can afford








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