Woman Piles on the Pounds After Wearing Fitbit on Wrong Wrist

A 29-YEAR-OLD woman has claimed the latest must-have fitness gadget made her weight balloon to four times her normal size after putting a Fitbit on the wrong wrist.

She told Dafty News: “I bought the Fitbit to lose weight but it actually made me more fatter every time I wore it. It was when i was eating my fourth pizza of the day I noticed the watch wasn’t working. At first, I thought it was because I am left-handed but it turns out these Fitbits, if not worn on the correct wrist, can actually cause weight gain.”

It is not the first time the overweight woman has complained about weight loss gadgets.

Only last month she blamed her cross-trainer for her huge waistline after it was found in her bedroom cupboard unopened.

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Dafty News

Dafty News

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