Woman who made throwaway remark about lack of Xmas tragedies crushed to death by 1-ton weight

by Danny SoZ

A London woman who made a passing remark to a friend about the lack of disasters thus far during this festive period was killed instantly shortly afterwards when a 1-ton weight fell on her head as she was walking to get the bus to work.

The dead woman, Sharon Burke, 43, from Whitechapel in East London, had only just told her friend, Nancy Booth, also 43, that she’d been surprised at the relative lack of natural disasters that unfailingly occur around the world in the run-up to Christmas.

Mrs Booth told us: “Sharon had just remarked on the complete lack of Christmas tragedies when this happened. I could barely believe it when the weight fell on her.

“It had 1-ton written on the side, so I knew it was pointless calling an ambulance. This sort of thing always seems to happen just before Christmas, doesn’t it”

A man, believed to be Mrs Burke’s husband, was later arrested at his workplace - a ferrous foundry specialising in the manufacture of the type of weights often used in cartoons.



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