The Westminster Effect: ‘Artist To Live on Tight Budget of 15K Per Day’

TAXPAYERS have vented their fury on social media after it emerged an artist is to take part in a ‘fat cat safari’ film documentary where he will live as a high-paid politician for a year, living on a tight budget of only £15,000 per day allowance.

- Artist to live on a paltry 15k per day

- Will receive a knighthood

- Allocated unlimited expenses

- Enjoy a sex scandal

The show’s producers say the year-long fly-on-the-wall documentary will stretch the artist to the limit as he will only be allowed to send one lewd text message each month.

The artist, who will live the life of a politician for twelve months, said: “It will be tough. I don’t know how I am going to survive on just 15K each day and only being allowed to send one leering sexting message to an underage girl each month could break my will and endurance.

By Paul McDougall and Stephen Hamilton




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