Underground Tube Stations’ Worrying Report: After Racist Abuse Rates Drop Dramatically

TUBE stations across Great Britain were trying to come to terms with the latest report in the lack of passengers’ racist and bigoted attacks, it has emerged.

“There’s nowhere near the amount of racial attacks that we used to get,” complained one tube boss. “We used to get at least six to ten attacks captured on a passenger’s mobile phone where it would be viewed by millions online. Now we have nothing, it’s worrying times.”

The lack of bigotry and racism over the last few weeks is down to the type of mobile phone, according to one Rail Passenger Victims’ Unit Group member.

She told Dafty News: “The older phones were great for racial attacks because the footage was still a bit grainy. Now thanks to higher pixelation and better audio quality, bigoted assholes are a little reluctant to abuse passengers. The quality is just too good now.”

One convicted racist moaned: “I stopped abusing passengers because other passengers had really good phones. I got caught because some fucker had the audacity to whip out a brand new Samsung. When the police played back the shot of me hurling abuse at an Asian man on the tube, I felt disgusted and totally depressed - the high spec and pixelation showed up all my spots and skin flaws.”





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