UKIP Supporters Offended by Black Friday and Fear White Christmas Could be on its Way Out

AS the traditional Christmas spending spree begins, it has emerged supporters and members of UKIP have voiced their anger at Black Friday, citing it as an ‘invasion on our sovereignty’ and ‘and end to all things white’, including a white Christmas.

UKIP supporters jammed our hotlines early this morning with many joining forces with the EDL (English Defence League) to make sure Black Friday doesn’t stay in Britain.

One UKIP supporter said, before heading to a nearby store to get 40% off a plasma TV: “We have too many colours in our country. Soon there will be nothing white anymore. Hell, at this rate with all the refugees coming in we could be looking at an end to white Christmas.”

It’s not the first time UKIP or the EDL have taken offense to a colour. Only recently both parties held a protest to see an end to brown sauce…which, ironically, is regarded as a huge part of British tradition.



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