U.S. Blame Russia For Mariah Carey’s Epic Lip-Sync Fail

The White House believes Russia aim to destabilize the American economy and strike fear into its population by taking out vocals on Mariah Carey tracks.

Technical problems that caused pop icon Mariah Carey to have a lip-sync meltdown at the New Year’s bash at Times Square in New York has been blamed on the Russians, according to secret service agent sources.

The singer was seen by millions forgetting to lip-sync to words on her popular songs before storming off in a huff.

The cringeworthy performance by the showbiz diva pointed to Vladimir Putin with the blame firmly squared at the Ruskies.

One secret service agent for the United States said: “There’s been a lot of suspicious activity recently coming from Russia. We’ve seen a Presidential campaign being infiltrated by them and a number of web hacks and strikes in Syria but this is by far the worst attack so far.”

It is understood the U.S. is concerned the Russians might strike again by switching flavours in a Dorito advert that will be seen by billions at the Super Bowl.



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