What Type Of Drinker Are You?

WITH the new alcohol consumption recommendations published, we take a look at the 10 different types of drinkers.

Which one is you?

1. The thinker:
Alcohol tends to bring out the decisive philosopher in us. Even though at times it can make us look like an advert for persistent mood swings.

2. The Confidente:
The more we drink the more confident we become. Even leading to the point of bold assholism.

3. The Analyzer:
Some of us look like we are staring into space. This is not always the case as many drinkers have the ability to analyze a situation…before creating their own ones.

4. The Lone Drinker:
Experts say the lone drinker is the deepest thinker. Drinking alone can spark inner demons and fruit very bad thoughts.

5. The Angry Drinker:
It doesn’t take long for the alcohol to switch an angry drinker from frustration mode to full-blown mental outburst.

6. The Flirt:
Perhaps more common in females, the flirt drinker will go to any lengths to get attention from the opposite sex.

7. The Guilty Drinker:
Drinking starts off with good intentions until the regret and remorse sets in.

8. The Lonely Broken Hearts Club Drinker:
Girls, you’ve all been there at some point in your life. You know the ones, those nights that begin with cup cakes and good intentions then ends in My Bloody Valentine’s Mascara.

9. The Reckless Vulnerable Drinker:
These types of drinkers always seem to look very comfortable however they end their drinking nights. The reckless vulnerable drinkers are like cats. They can sleep anywhere in any position…but unfortunately for them…cats have more lives.

10. The Loopy Drinker:
Not to be confused with the bi-polar drinker, the loopy drinker is so much fun to be around and when drunk can make the perfect best friend. WARNING: they are not very bright. 






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