Trump Distances Himself From ‘Extremist’ UKIP Following Leadership Unrest

Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, has categorically ruled himself out of standing for the leadership of the troubled United Kingdom Independence Party, claiming that they are too ‘extremist’ and contain too many bigots to appeal to the right-wing Republican hopeful.

UKIP, whose current leader, Nigel Farage, is under scrutiny following a disastrous showing at the recent Oldham West by-election are believed to have approached Trump with a view to taking the helm should Farage be deposed in a party coup.

Trump, however, distanced himself from entering any leadership race last night: “I’m afraid these UKIP guys are too extremist for my taste. It’s one thing to implement a ban on Muslims entering the country but these guys want to ban everybody in Europe fer chrissakes. However, I have a couple of close friends in The Klan who might be interested if they want to get in touch with me.”





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