Toys Thrown Out of Prams As Jeremy Corbyn Elected Labour Leader

London’s cleansing departments have been put on emergency standby after it was revealed that Jeremy Corbyn had won the election for the leader of the Labour party.

A spokesman from the government stated there are emergency plans to collect all the rattles, dollies, and teddy bears that will no doubt be thrown from prams, not only in Westminster, but possibly all over the country.

The public are asked to place any toys found into the skips which will be provided by police forces, fire brigades, and even the army are on emergency standby to tackle problems.

Already there are some front bench politicians who have already jettisoned their toys and are not prepared to work with the new leader, but there is good news in that extra bats and balls have been provided for those people who are happy with this result and opposed to those who “It just isn’t cricket” or claim “It’s ma baw and yir no playing.”

Meanwhile in Scotland Kezia Dugdale, who only last week was telling the world and their dog that voting for Jeremy would lead to a worldwide cataclysm and possibly the end of the civilized world as we know it, told the press: “I always liked Jeremy and we will happily work together in the future.”





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