Thousands flee Texas amid news of impending Trump visit

by Danny SoZ

Thousands of panic-stricken Texans were fleeing The Lone Star State this morning as news broke that President Donald Trump was going to visit the storm-ravaged region later on today.

There have been reports of residents of Austin, the state’s capital, hiding in flooded basements, fleeing on foot, and even climbing on rooftops in a desperate bid to avoid witnessing Trump’s arrival and carefully-staged tour of some of the lesser-hit areas.

One man, Toby Dell, 53, and a lifelong Austin resident, fought back tears as he told reporters: “I’ve lost my car, my home, and everything I own, and now I’m expected to deal with a visit by Donald Trump. Don’t you think I’ve suffered enough?”

Meanwhile, a White House press office spokesman told newsmen this morning: “The President is looking forward to seeing the damage for himself and to personally comforting the victims, although I have to tell you that he has expressed some concerns at this time and that his visit may be delayed for a day or so until the weather clears up a bit”

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