Teeth Extraction by the Angry Dentist

Visit the Angry Dentist for all your gruesome extractions.

Are you tired of all the root canal promises your dentist tries to floss you off with?

Would you like a no nonsense, quick teeth extraction turnaround with no added extra costs?

Then visit the Angry Dentist.

He’ll have your gnashers rearranged in seconds.

Using state-of-the-art tools used by the top violent anarchists and serial thugs.

No need to book an appointment. Just drop by and give the Angry Dentist some verbal abuse with some profanities aimed at his wife and children then watch his jaw dropping reaction.

The Angry Dentist will inflict so much pain you won’t be able to recall your address or your mother’s maiden name.

Get rid of toothache in a split second without the need for medication.

Our Angry Dentist will leave so many holes in your mouth your face will look like a golf course.

So come on in, engage in some verbal volleying and leave the practice with your very own personal bag of enamel and crumbled mercury.

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