Swearing Owl: The Latest Internet Sensation’s Identity Revealed

He’s mean, he hates people, he’s unapproachable and his bite is a lot worse than his toot.

The grumpiest owl revealed

Meet George, the owl with the bad temper who lays claim to the world’s champion grump title.

Since we exclusively launched George’s Irritable Owl Syndrome meme, the ranting owl has enjoyed worldwide acclaim and attention.

Dafty News admitted they were gobsmacked as to the amount of views George’s swearing meme has achieved on the internet. Our editor said: “George and his little Irritable Owl Syndrome swearing rant has been seen by over a million people. That’s a pretty impressive view count for a graphic. The majority of You Tube videos don’t even get anywhere close to that kind of figure.”

However, George, as always, shows very little positive emotion as he said: “All of my generation has suffered from Irritable Owl Syndrome so I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s nothing knew.”

The meme that made ‘Internet Sensation’ status

George’s owner told Dafty News in an exclusive interview: “There’s no chance of securing a full-length interview or sponsorship deals with George. He just sits high up in his tree swearing at everyone and everything in the world.

He just hates everything and he gets annoyed and agitated at the slightest thing. Even a slight wind that moves a branch can set George off on a soap box and he hates hunting. He can’t be bothered with the hassle.”

George said of his life: “Hating is healthy. We all hate but are too scared to say we hate because we are told too often that hating is bad. It’s not. Get out there and start hating. Life is shit, don’t try and kid yourself on that things are great in your life because they’re not.”

George spends all his days sleeping and even at night when he is supposed to be active he manages a few naps.

He said: “My owner feeds me so why should I use my energy to get off my tree perch and chase some stupid live chicken? I have to rip it apart and find the good bits; that’s a lot of work. My owner brings me freshly cooked chicken so why hunt for it?”

George’s fans say they hope he doesn’t change his ways.

Brian from Scunthorpe said: “George is a legend and I hope he continues with his ranting and raving. He certainly puts the world to rights.”

Harry from Dublin, a huge fan of George, said: “George should have his own chat show, he’s the best thing I’ve seen in years.”

Some fans were stunned to learn his old age has nothing to do with his grumpiness.

George’s owner told our reporter: “George started complaining at the world the minute he was born. He hasn’t stopped moaning since. His whole family were grumps.”

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