Speed Cameras Rant by Dashboard Dougie

Watch Your Speed

Now, one thing I hate, I mean really hate, is speed cameras. I don’t believe they are for our safety but more to make money and impose more fear and control.

What’s the first thing someone says to you when you take a trip to either visit them or when you leave their house after a visit? “Mind those cameras,” and “Watch your speed.”

It is an implanted fear projected into our minds. Gone are the days where we would say: “Bestter check all my tyres are good before setting off,” and as for Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre – forget it! The thing we think the most is bloody speed cameras.

We even avoid roads we know that have them. Which is not that difficult to do because you’ll find these so-called ‘Safety Cameras’ as the government call them on roads that are long-stretched and easy to drive. A road where we are least likely to be crying out for safety!

The 20’s Plenty sign we see as we approach schools should be changed to Mothers Bringing Their Kids to School is Enough.

I don’t know about you but I am getting really fed up with these cul-de-sac parents who drive their kids 50-fucking-yards and drop the wee fat fuckers right at the school gate. Whatever happened to a young kid taking a trip by foot to school where he or she would embark on great activities like kicking a wee dafty tennis ball all the way from his home to school; or skipping a rope and often stopping only to steal a pint of milk at someone’s back door.

Kids are fat these days because of many things but it should start with schools banning these soccer moms who jam roads early in the morning in their wee dafty Suzuki Swifts and their Baby on Board stickers on the back window.

Missus! Save yersel some petrol money, buy yer wean a pair of trainers and let the wee dafty walk tae school. I hear it custs down obesity and diabetes when they are older.

THAT is the only safety regulation you need to know. No a daft wee lollipop wi a stupit wee number in it.

View Classic Speed Camera Sketch Here >>>

2 Responses to Speed Cameras Rant by Dashboard Dougie

  1. Jack Potter Reply

    April 15, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    I have seen this before, but it still makes me laugh evrytime. lol

  2. Stephen Reply

    April 15, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    I know, it is brilliant Jack :)

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