Sickening Video Shows ‘Jihadi Junior’ Blowing up His Toy Truck

THE latest ISIS video hit an all-time low earlier today after a video appearing to show little ‘Jihadi Junior’ blowing up his toy truck was released by Islamic State main media station.

‘Jihadi Junior’ - the son of a British-born jihadi bride - has appeared in many blood-curdling videos but the latest is thought to be the most sickening and twisted to date.

In the chilling video, Little ‘Jihadi Junior’ is grounded for misbehaviour and sent to his room after pulling his big sister’s hair and annoying his mum’s house guests by placing a farting cushion on the sofa.

The video then shows the tiny terror make a home video from his bedroom, threatening David Cameron and Obama for being grounded and swearing revenge on anyone who doesn’t share his taste in Spiderman comics and FIFA PlaySytation.

He then takes what appears to be his favourite toy truck from underneath his bed before detonating what looks like a banger strapped to the truck.

Only recently ‘jihadi Junior’ appeared in another shocking video where he threw a tantrum outside his kindergarten after been told off by his mum for splashing in the puddles without his Wellington boots on.





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