Show-off b*astard slammed for filling his tax return on time

by Dafty News

A self-employed sales executive who works from home was slammed for filling in his self-assessment tax return, two weeks before the deadline, it has been reported.

The unnamed man, thought to be from London, boasted to his neighbours and even had the audacity to encourage others to file their returns early to avoid penalties.

A spokesperson for HMRC told Dafty News this morning: “It’s normal for all self-employed workers to submit their tax returns late, accruing a penalty.

“Filing your returns a couple of weeks before the deadline is just showing off and we may consider a penalty for that too.”

It’s not the first time a British citizen has come under fire for filling in an important document on time.

In June 2016 a family of twenty-three were caught filling in a benefits form neatly and in capital letters; even using a black ballpoint pen as instructed.

Meanwhile, a 38-year-old heavy-drinking self-employed builder’s tax return form was refused by HMRC offices after it emerged he filled in his form with a children’s multicoloured crayon.



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