Sexy Irn Bru Advert Gets Heads Turning

Irn Bru - Made in Scotland by Girdles

Irn Bru adverts are often regarded as funny, quirky and catchy by many, but others seem to love putting the boot in when it comes to anything a bit different and on the edge.

The latest Irn Bru advert was only recently launched but it didn’t take long for the killjoys to get their bra straps in a fizz.

The main feature in the advert shows a mother of a teenage boy working at the kitchen sink before she turns around to proudly show off her cleavage to her son and his two friends.

The mother is played by Scots actress, 43-year-old Marianne Adams.

The scene that follows has the son embarrassed but sipping from a can of Irn Bru releases him of a potential red face. However, his two pals get a right eyeful as the mother begins to clean the table; with her chest becoming the focal point for the young lads.

It is a scene that most young boys have experienced – or would love to experience.

Dafty News readers wee Gordie and his pal Binty made the usual remark you would expect from young lads when they said the mother is hot and qualifies for a MILF.

Binty said his dad would even date her aswell, if given the chance.

Gordie said: “Aye, I know yer Da. He is always browsing through scuddy magazines so if he did get together with the Irn Bru maw she would be the MILF and yer Da would be the FILTH.”

The ending of the video is great but you can make your own decision whether you think the advert is way out of line.

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  • May 12, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    I wish I will be With this woman


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