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Scottish Woman Saved From Nicola Sturgeon Hairstyles Trend

The female population have escaped what could have been a catastrophic fashion trend after the YES campaign failed to deliver its voters of Scotland their dream of independence.

The good side of not having independece is woman will not opt for ‘The Sturgie’ hairstyle.

The women of Scotland will no longer have the threat of having the Nicola Sturgeon hairstyle, reports say.

The hairstyle of Alex Salmond’s deputy, called The Sturgie, is a bob-crop used mainly by women after giving birth or when they reach their late 60s and can no longer hang their heads upside down to use a hairdryer to dry their flowing locks.

Hairdresser owner Jill from Glasgow told Dafty News: “The good side of not having our independence, I suppose, is we would have been under siege with woman going for the Sturgie.

It would require all us hairdressers having to re-teach all our junior hairdressers all over again and we just don’t have the revenue coming in for such a major project.”

Oh! What could have been. Scotland’s No win may have saved the Scottish hairstyle trends from utter embarrassment.

Comedian Jack Dee jokingly said the Scots would be ‘miserable and forced to have little Alex Salmond haircuts’ in his live referendum routine … See video here …

But the Sturgie would have been the biggest threat to Scottish women’s dignity.

Meanwhile one unnamed leading hairdresser company sighed a huge relief when Scotland didn’t gain independence.

They said, via spokeswoman, early this morning: “We are sorry we didn’t get the YES vote but as Jill said, it has probably saved us a lot of heartache.

I mean, if any of our girls ever carried out a haircut like Nicola Sturgeon’s they would be sacked on the spot.

It is one of the biggest crimes in the hairdressing community if you came into one of our salons asking for a Sturgie but if you even dared carry it out you’d be the scourge of the salon industry.”

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