Saudi reforms continue as women to be allowed to touch TV remotes

by Danny SoZ

The new dawn of liberalism in the hardline Islamic country of Saudi Arabia continued apace last night as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, announced, that from January 2018, married women over the age of 30 will be allowed to touch the television remote control, but only when cleaning the house or removing it from their husband’s grasp when he’s fallen asleep in front of the TV.

This latest move comes hot on the heels of recent legislation allowing women to drive cars and for girls over the age of 16 to have a snowball after their Xmas dinner as long as there’s not too much Advocaat in it.

In other related news, 2 Saudi women received 100 lashes apiece yesterday for tutting when their husbands used the BBC Sports app on the Tivo box to check the Boxing Day football results in the middle of Coronation Street.

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