Irish budget airline, Ryanair, were heavily criticised last night after they revealed plans to hike the cost of fairs on all flights from Dublin in case the plane is destroyed in a terrorist attack and bereaved families are awarded compensation.

The CEO of the company, Michael O’ Leary, famous for introducing a number of penny-pinching measures, which include charging passengers to go to the toilet, said last night: “We’re raising ticket prices on the off-chance that one of our flights is brought down by terrorist anti-aircraft fire or destroyed in a bomb blast. The way we look at it, the families of the dead victims will probably receive large payouts at some point and we don’t see why we should be instrumental in feathering their nests for free, to be honest with you.”

This latest news will further upset Ryanair passengers, who only last week, were told that the oxygen masks would be connected to a “Pay As You Breathe” meter in the event of a de-pressurisation emergency.

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