Budget airline, Ryanair, came under fire last night after revealing plans to charge everybody £6, irrespective of whether they use one of their flights or not.

A spokesperson for the airline, who are notorious for their hidden charges, their surly cabin crew, and their disgusting toilets, said: “We are going to introduce this levy on everybody in January 2017 and it will apply to anybody born after 1888 and up to and including the day we introduce it. There will, however, be concessions for members of The Irish Guards, who will only pay £5.99, and for vagrants, who will be exempt from the charge until such times as we can catch up with them and serve them with a writ.”

Dubbed ‘The Existence Tax’ this new measure applies to people across the globe and comes just weeks after Ryanair announced they will be charging people £10.00 to use the lavatories on their aircraft with an extra £1.50 per-turd surcharge.






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