Rio Olympics to Include ‘Hiding Under a Mosquito Net’ as an Event

RIO 2016 is about to break ground after it was announced a brand new event will run alongside the 100 metres, 200 metres and the gruelling marathon.

It has emerged, the governing body for the 2016 games, plan to build a last-minute facility after over one-hundred countries applied to take part in the Hiding Under a Mosquito Net event.

Spokesperson for the Olympic Committee spoke to Dafty News at a press conference this morning:

“Due to the deadly zika virus, we held discussions with the city of Rio de Janeiro and came to an agreement that a new and exciting event will be incorporated into the 2016 games.

“The Hiding Under a Mosquito Net will see athletes cover themselves up completely in a mosquito net where the winners will receive a gold medal, a silver one, and a bronze, for not contracting the zika virus.”

  • Gold: avoiding the virus successfully
  • Silver: contracting parts of the virus but not being in a critical condition in hospital
  • Bronze: falling to the zika virus, being admitted to hospital, but being discharged before the newspapers have any time to run a story

It is understood many of the favourites to win the elite gold will come in the shape of a country riddled with a infected water system, poor drainage and uncontrollable weather patterns. However, Great Britain have played down any such talk about them being favourites to take gold.




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