Rare Footage of Man Washing Dishes Turns Internet Into Meltdown

THE internet was brought to a standstill yesterday after extremely rare footage of a man washing dishes went viral, baffling relationship experts, it has emerged.

The man, thought to be a fairly unattractive gentleman in his late 40s, has received a staggering 800,000 marriage proposals since the clip was uploaded to You Tube.

The stunned dishwasher dad told Dafty News: “It was my daughter, who I have access to every two weeks, who whipped out her Samsung Galaxy J5 and began filming me. I was completely unaware as I was so focused trying to scrub the leftover Rice Krispies from the bottom of her breakfast bowl that I had no idea I was being captured on film.”

The father-of-one later confessed he doesn’t just rinse dishes but he dries them properly before putting them away neatly in a tidy cupboard - causing a flurry of marriage proposals from around the world.

Relationship experts say the dishwashing video has actually sparked a worldwide Most Wanted Man hunt, as more women want to tie him down for life.

Meanwhile, another video clip has sparked a nationwide frenzy after a female driver was filmed expertly reversing her car into a tight space outside a supermarket - without flinching or causing any panic.

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