A 57-year-old builder’s labourer has made the astonishing claim that he had a steamy romp with Her Majesty The Queen after she picked him out from the crowd shortly before a family party to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Del Tracy from Whitechapel told Daft News: “I was standing outside Buckingham Palace, waving at Her Majesty as she stood on the balcony saluting the crowd. Our eyes met and I could tell immediately that she was interested. I saw her beckon over a flunky and point at me. Minutes later, the front gate opened and I was ushered inside.

“I was taken to an upstairs bedroom where The Queen was waiting for me wearing a tight-fitting split skirt and a daringly low cut blouse which showed off her big tits.

“She beckoned me over with a crooked finger and started snogging me hard. Her hands were everywhere and it wasn’t long before I had her togs off revealing her racy black undies.

“The next thing I knew we were rolling around in front of a roaring log fire while I gave her the good news. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world for both of us.

“Afterwards, as we drank champagne and smoked Havana cigars, she told me that Prince Philip was having trouble getting the horn following a recent illness and that she been dying for a decent shafting for weeks.

“I asked her if I could see her again but she knocked me back, saying that it was too risky and that she couldn’t afford to get found out by the tabloids. I was gutted as I’d fallen for her in a big way, but she gave me a cheque for 20 thousand quid by way of a thank you so I left without a fuss.

“Before I left, she asked for my mobile number, so, hopefully, she’ll send me a few saucy texts or a pic or two of her tits from time to time”

This latest revelation is the biggest royal upset since Princess Margaret was found to have had a steamy 6-week affair with The Band of The Coldstream Guards in 1967.




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