Those Who Post Facebook Live Videos Told to ‘Just Fuck Off’

BAD news for Facebook users who post live feeds on their timeline: you are wasting your time and you should just ‘fuck off’.

The news has been a shattering blow to millions who thoroughly believe the whole world is interested in their crap.

Social media and attention-seeking expert Annabelle Kline told Dafty News: “As if things could not get any worse. First, we have morons posting photos of their scrawny little ugly kids and then the whole fucking world comes to a standstill because some twat has posted a picture of their dinner. And now this…Facebook Live. Gaaaawd! Give us all a break.”

It is thought many more millions of useless, mediocre and worthless pieces of DNA will scurry to take up the opportunity of Facebook’s really annoying facility…before somebody finally attacks their eyeballs with a pen.

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