Popular Woman on Facebook Just Really Annoying, Says Internet

A PRETTY Facebook user with thousands of friends has been duped into believing everybody likes her hourly statuses, it has emerged.

The women, thought to be single and is a travel blogger, posts continuous updates on her Facebook wall from places everybody else would love to be.

One Facebook friend, who wished not to be named, told Dafty News: “She posts about every hour from her hammock in the sun or from the back of some tourist guide twat’s quad bike. It’s sickening.”

It is understood many Facebook users think they are popular but Facebook psychologist Hannah Goldstein issued a warning for anyone with a Facebook account who wishes to make themselves important:

“Just because someone likes your photos or comments it doesn’t necessarily mean you are popular. It doesn’t take too much of an effort to hit the like button.”

Facebook experts say around 99% of Facebook posts are meaningless, worthless and completely pointless. While the remaining 1% of posts are totally unnecessary and really, really annoying.

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