Police Launch Investigation After Drivers Failed to Break Speed Limit

TRAFFIC police have filed a complaint early this morning after one of its speed cameras failed to detect a single speeding car, it has emerged.

One camera, situated on a busy dual carriageway, had promised to rake in thousands for the annual Christmas Police Ball, but drivers who use the road regularly have become wise to the sneaky tactics deployed by the establishment.

One van delivery driver told Dafty News: “The bastards even tried to disguise their cameras by dressing them up as a flower and a waste paper basket but we’re having none of it.”

Meanwhile, road experts believe there could be another reason drivers are not getting caught out.

Douglas Mapping from the Department of Roads said: “The dual carriageway goes through two rough housing estates and there are a lot of football shirts and balloons draped over the railings at the side of the road paying tribute to someone every other weekend. Drivers are slowing down to get a quick peek.”


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