Police Appeal For Information About Information

London’s Metropolitan Police (omitted ‘in the uk’) have issued an appeal, asking the public for information about any kind of information, it has been reported.

It is understood the police force are running out of information, blaming government cutbacks, and they have now appealed to the public for any information, regardless of how informative the information might be.

Scotland Yard issued the following appeal last night:

“We are asking for any information the public may have, and are requesting that they inform their nearest police station about that information as soon as possible.

“We’re not looking for any specific information as such – any kind of information will do as we are particularly short of information in general right now.

“We are particularly interested in the following types of information: vital pieces of information, information that involves clues, relative information, inside information, genetically transmitted information, and sequences of information. In fact, even information that has come from an informer or from an informative source will be a great help.”




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