Polar Bears Facing Extinction After Being Confronted by Davina McCall

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have admitted they got it wrong with the decreasing numbers of polar bears.

It has now emerged the dwindling numbers of one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures is down to Davina McCall’s Life At the Extreme, which is currently being aired on British television.

Global Warming enthusiast Jeff Cordurouy said with sadness as he spoke about the rapid decrease in polar bears:

“Polar bears are wonderful exponents in hunting and surviving but the sight of Davina McCall has harmed them enormously. They just can’t handle her garbling tones and her boring documentaries. Bears have decided to just disappear into the frightening prospects of extinction rather than put up with her.”

It’s not the first time McCall has been blamed for her antics with wild animals. Only last month she tried to race a cheetah and edit the footage into one of her fitness DVDs but the move backfired after a cheetah family refused to run with her - despite dangling a dead antelope in front of them on a moving 4×4.


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