Pit Bull Owner’s Family in Race Against Time to Prevent Him Being Destroyed

UNEMPLOYED family of fourteen are fighting to save their oldest son from being destroyed after authorities decided he was too dangerous to society and a menace to other dog lovers, it has been reported.

A spokesperson campaigning for destroying dangerous awful humans said: “The young lad is a complete waste of life and a disgrace to real pit bull owners. He has to be put down with immediate effect.”

It is thought the 25-year-old is involved in dog fighting events and is rarely seen without his Kappa tracksuit and pit bull terriers, as he hangs around street corners making himself very hard and threatening.

His family are frantically urging authorities not to put him down and promise they will look for work and help him get rid of his misspelt tattoos.

Dafty News understands more campaigns are underway that will hopefully see an end to low-life workshy arseholes.

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