Pinterest Warned They Must Allow Explicit Images to Compete With Facebook and Twitter

SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS—Popular social network site Pinterest has been advised to allow explicit pins to keep up with leaders Facebook and Twitter, it has emerged.

Pinterest face trailing further behind Facebook and Twitter by keeping squeaky clean image.

The advice laid out to Pinterest will come as no comfort for lovers of pinning pins to boards but come in the shape of:

- Pinterest must allow graphic content

- Accept revenge porn pins

- Show more tits

- Stop being so squeaky clean

- Comments and replies have to include strong language

Or lose out to Facebook and Twitter.

The move comes after a wave of complaints from users who cannot upload images to their boards such as nudity and photos of a violent nature.

Spokesperson for Social Media Explicity Acceptance group said today:

“Pinterest is too nice. Even their users are far too squeaky clean and their clean-cut nicey image is ruining the whole social media platform and what it stands for.”

Pinterest is popular for brides-to-be and healthy housewives but many users who want to see a change have complained about Pinterest’s strict user policy.

One unnamed user told Dafty News: “It’s not fair. I have a string of revenge porn images I want to up load but Pinterest doesn’t allow graphic content.

“It is imperative that Pinterest allows my images I have stored because that’s where my ex-girlfriend hangs out. She is more likely to see herself in the nude in various positions. She doesn’t use Facebook much and Twitter is too complicated for her to use.”


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