Peter Capaldi, The New Dr Who

Peter Capaldi The New Dr Who

So the anticipating wait is over and people can finally stop guessing, Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor Who.

Throughout all the speculation his name wasn’t one that was floating around as prominently as others, so it seemed most people were surprised by the news when it was revealed on Doctor Who live last night.

But will he be a good successor to the extremely popular Matt Smith? He is slightly more, shall we say, ‘distinguished’ than the past few Doctors we’ve had but every Doctor has been different and played the part in a different way and Capaldi will, no doubt, do exactly the same thing with his version of the Doctor.

Going in a completely different direction with the new Doctor than the previous Matt Smith will give the writers something new to work with and allow them to create a series unlike any before it, which is all the fans really want to see. Before long they will have everyone in love with the new Doctor as much as the last (they have a knack for that).

Everyone has ‘their Doctor Who’ and for a new generation Peter Capaldi is theirs.

~ Written by Rachel ~

Peter Capaldi Photo by Ingrid Richter

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