Passengers Tell of Horror on Ryanair Flight After Being Forced to Buy Scratchcards

BUDGET airline Ryanair was at the centre of a mid-flight terror scare yesterday after terrified passengers revealed untold horror thousands of feet up as flight attendants forced them to buy scratchcards at £2 a hit.

One passenger who was travelling with her young son to a cheap holiday destination told Dafty News: “It was terrifying, to say the least. One minute we were all just sitting there enjoying the flight when all hell broke loose. There were in-flight attendants all over us like a pack of hyenas.”

A group of rowdy passengers heading for a 24-man stag week who had clearly enough to drink before boarding said they have never experienced such terror before.

One of the group, a 23-year-old labourer from the Southside of Glasgow, told our reporters: “It was utter carnage. We were all scared to death and against our will we all had to buy a scratchcard each.”

All passengers on board were asked if anybody won anything. Their response was, “We have no idea. We didn’t look. We were all too busy keeping our eyes on all the attendants because they were coming at us from all angles. None of us had any time to look at our scratchcards to see if we’d won anything.”

Reports say they expect more mid-flight scratchcard terror as the cheap-ass holiday destination fest gets into full swing.

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