One Package Reported Missing After Fire Rips Through Warehouse

TRAGEDY unfolded during the night in a local warehouse after a fire raged through the large facility resulting in a missing parcel, it has emerged.

Fire crews were quick to respond to the scene of the carnage but so far there is no mention of the 1200 staff who worked the night shift.

However, owner and boss of the warehouse said a parcel is missing and urged the emergency services to find it.

Fire chiefs say the fire caused so much devastation it will be very difficult to find the parcel in delivery condition.

Sam Harrison from the nearby fire station said: “Our crew have been working tirelessly to put out the blaze and our first priority is to find the parcel. It might be trapped in the rubble but we won’t be able to do anything until the heat dies down.”

Emergency services have set up a hotline and asked the public to be on their guard in the off chance the parcel could have escaped the fire on its own.

Head of the hotline told Dafty News: “The parcel is a square box with writing on it. Possibly it will say FRAGILE or FREE on any one of the sides. If anyone finds it please hand it back to the warehouse owner but be warned you will have to sign for it.


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