Perfect Gent Comedian Who Packs Meaty Punchlines

With the kids tucked up in bed and the ‘missus’ engrossed in a self-help book, it was the perfect time to catch up with one of Scotland’s finest rising stand-up comedians, Pablo Serski.

Pablo Serski, Scots comedian tipped for bigger things.

It has been quite a whirlwind for the Larkhall-based comedian, originally from Aberdeenshire, and with the Glasgow International Comedy Festival about to launch in a few days’ time, life could not be any busier for the funny 36-year-old - but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He told Dafty News: “I worry less because I don’t have time to. My mind is now littered with comedy and jokes instead of worrying about how the next bill is getting paid, or why I’m shite at FIFA 15.”

Pablo Serski, the good guy of stand-up comedy who isn’t afraid to go bad.

Comedy has given Pablo a sense of purpose. Prior to launching himself onto the platform of stand-up comedy the younger Pablo felt he had something inside him that had, until now, gone unchallenged.

He said: “I always wanted to write, be creative and utilize my brain properly. Now I’m doing that.”

It’s difficult to believe it’s just over a year since first bursting onto the comedy scene but his choosing the stage might not be that surprising considering he used to have a successful audio comedy stint with an attractive amount of followers.

He’s also one of the nicest gentlemen you could possibly meet inside and outside the oftentimes wonderful wacky world of comedy. His perception of his peers and comedy comrades is one of a healthy positive refection.

He beamed when he said: “I’ve met some utterly incredible people. I’ve been involved in comedy for just over a year and feel like I’ve met so many kindred spirits who, in a very short time, have impacted me more than many others who have floated in and out of my life.

Maybe that’s harsh to those I‘m thinking of but there’s people I’ve met this last year who I know in 20-30 years time we’ll be sitting in the corner of a pub somewhere with our oxygen masks on trying to shoot the shit.”

Offstage the likeable comic will have no problems with those dishing out the invitation cards – he’ll be on everyone’s list – but what’s the best part of his comedy career so far?

“It’s hard to pin-point the best part of my comedy life so far but the feeling of walking off stage to cheers and applause, looking into the eyes of the audience and seeing that look they have, wide grins, and not having enough arms to shake the hands that are put in front of you. It’s the affirmation that the material I’ve put my heart and soul into, is actually good, I think.”

Pablo is fast becoming one of Scotland’s rising comedy stars.” – Dafty News

The Glasgow International Comedy Festival is the largest comedy festival Europe has to offer. The attraction for both performers and audiences alike is saliva-inducing, to say the least, so what does an event of such magnitude hold for Pablo Serski?

Well, he’s only gone and partnered up with 2014 Vespbar Virgins Comedy Award winner JD Brown and comedian/host/compere Graham Barrie. So how did the three comedians meet to plot their merger?

Pablo explains…

“It was originally Graham Barrie’s idea. He pulled me aside one night after a Yesbar Virgins show and told me he wanted to do a show and would I be interested. He said he wanted JD Brown as well, so obviously I was totally up for it as I was pals already with JD and, well, I was and still am, a big fan of them both.

Project: You Three with Pablo Serski, Graham Barrie and JD Brown.

It didn’t take long until we agreed on a show title which, for the eagle-eyed reader, is a play on Operation Ewe Tree, the ongoing investigation into the raft of celebrity sex offenders, which I’m keen to point out we are not, nor have we ever been investigated in such manner. It’s purely a show title.

Truth is, we work well together, bounce off each other well and have a mutual respect for one another. There’s no room for egos and if any of us step out of line, one of us will step in and make sure equilibrium is restored. We’re like a football team managed by three Jose Mourinhos. Tight-knit, well-balanced and all prepared to work hard to achieve our goal. Our goal being to put on great shows at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

The UNF##KABLES: the quadruple comedy troupe who make The Expendables look like cheerleaders.

I feel privileged, honoured, and, above all: surprised that I’m part of it. Especially with two talented guys such as Graham and JD. If I’d been asked this time last year if I’d be doing a show, let alone two shows, at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, as I’m also involved with The Unf**kables with the supremely talented and outrageously funny Joe McKeown and Tony Sloan, I’d have laughed.

Things have progressed very quickly for me and I just hope I can continue to improve. Being part of the festival and part of Project You Three will hopefully help me to do that. As is the case with any gig; it’s the excitement, adrenaline and nerves that get me through. It’s all part of the stand-up comedy rollercoaster.

Pablo looks to a bright future in stand-up comedy.

I just hope people come and see our shows at the Yesbar and go home raving about it. We’ve already put on a preview show just outside of Glasgow which sold out and was an incredible night. Everyone delivered and the feedback afterward was incredible. If we can bottle up and replicate any of that night we’re sure to have an absolute blast.

Dafty News got closer to the comedian many are tipping for bigger things. Pablo was kind to spend quality time with us and was gracious to answer some of the questions put to Pablo from our readers…

Dafty News: How would you define your style of comedy?

Pablo: Well, a common word that often pops up when others are describing me is ‘dark’. I would probably agree with that but I like to think I also verge on the surreal while most of my jokes involve very quick set-ups with sharp punchlines. Sometimes I kick the audience where it hurts but I can also kiss them gently where it doesn’t.

Dafty News: What made you venture into the world of stand-up comedy?

Pablo: I spent two years telling jokes on Twitter and gathered a bit of a following before my buddy, Bread John, and I decided to start a weekly podcast where we invited guests from across the pond (mostly America, sometimes Canada) to join us. These podcast involved us getting drunk, having rap-battles and chatting about anything that came up in conversation. It was great fun to be part of and we are proud of them, even managed about 30,000 downloads over a period of forty shows. Stand-up comedy just seemed like the next logical progression. I had the material, I had the confidence, I just had to take the plunge and ‘get up’, as they say.

Dafty News: Who is your favourite comedian?

Pablo: I don’t really have a favourite comedian, which maybe sounds like a cop-out. A couple of comedians I admire are Jim Jeffries or Frankie Boyle. I enjoy them both for different reasons but Frankie is an absolute master of the craft of joke writing and if I could write anything half as good and half as consistently brilliant as he does, I’d be happy.

Dafty News: When do you write your best material – in the middle of the night when an idea comes to mind, under the influence, or at any given time?

Pablo: Probably at any given time, in the middle of the night, when under the influence. I find myself writing all the time whether I’m simply doing the dishes, driving or watching TV; but, yes, I have written some crackers in that cerebral moment just before falling asleep and keep my notepad on my bedside table, just in case.

Dafty News: Most comedians have influences, who is yours (comedian-wise or any other person)?

Pablo: Like most young boys, I was heavily influenced by the types of comedy my dad would watch on TV, whether it be Monty Python, Police Squad, Blackadder or Fawlty Towers. I’m a huge Python fan and still enjoy them to this day. So, I guess my dad (for reasons other than my conception) would have to shoulder some of the blame for audiences having to listen to my nonsense.

Pablo puts his accomplishments down to hard practise and lots of fine tuning.

Dafty News: What advice would you give to anyone starting out as a stand-up comedian?

Pablo: Make sure you’ve properly written and rehearsed your material. There is no substitute for preparation. Practice whenever you can, record your sets both at home and on stage, watch or listen back, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, get right back up on stage after a bad gig so you don’t dwell on it, enjoy it, learn from every gig, treat others how you’d expect to be treated, be yourself and, most importantly: write what you think is funny, not what you think others will think is funny.

Dafty News would like to thank Pablo Serski for taking the time to be interviewed and to say we wish him great things is an understatement.

Pablo is performing at the Yesbar on 16th, 17th, 23rd & 24th March 9pm but if you can’t make any of these dates you can also catch him performing as part of The Unf**kables with Joe McKeown, Tony Sloan and JD Brown at The State Bar, Glasgow, on 14th & 21st March 9pm.

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4 thoughts on “Perfect Gent Comedian Who Packs Meaty Punchlines

  • March 6, 2015 at 6:12 am

    Great article and we’ll deserved Pabs. An honour to share a stage with you and to have you as a friend.

    • March 6, 2015 at 12:19 pm

      That’s a nice thing to say JD.
      Well played sir 🙂

  • March 6, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Nice interview with my son. Feeling proud.

    • March 6, 2015 at 6:55 pm

      Thank you very much Mary.
      It was a great pleasure to have Pablo in our feature.


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