Office Worker Offered Counselling After Being Nominated to Organize Christmas Party

A 29-YEAR-OLD office worker from London has been offered a six-week free consultancy sessions course with a top psychologist after he was chosen to organise his office’s Christmas party this year.

The man, thought to be in a clear state of trauma after his ordeal, told Dafty News: “I have to find a suitable restaurant that will seat twenty-four of us and find a bar that will tolerate our arrogance and large portions of self-importance. It’s going to be a struggle and I am afraid it’s beginning to take its toll.”

With eight months to go, office party organisers feel the poor digital management temp has left it a bit late.

Carrie Globstein from Office Party Research said: “The pressure will be enormous as eight months is just not enough time to cram in all that crap. Plus, times that with twenty-four complete idiots who think they are above themselves. Phew! I wouldn’t wish that on any poor sod. And he hasn’t even thought about a Karaoke either.”



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