North Korea Threatens To Blow Up Planet: To Save Us From Kanye West’s David Bowie Covers Album

MORE countries have expressed their concern over the rapper’s proposal to record an album of David Bowie tracks to honour the icon who recently passed away.

It is understood Iran have offered their complete nuclear warheads, while China said they ‘will do anything to stop this from happening’ by sending their complete army to Kanye West’s house.

North Korean  leader Kim Jong-un said through a translator this morning: “If Kanye West is allowed to go ahead with his David Bowie covers album the whole world will cease to exist - and it will deserve everything it gets.

“This cannot happen. I have a range of missiles in my back yard and humankind should take advantage of my offer to end the world now. You might as well accept because I’ll just unleash them to our neighbours South Korea…to scare Americans.”







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