Mother Blames Sanitary Products Ads for Daughter’s Suicide

The mother of a teenage girl who collapsed and died during her menstrual cycle last week, broke down in front of reporters earlier today before hitting out at media advertising campaigns that encourage women to take part in various sporting activities while having their period.

Mrs Gwen Cummings, 37, of Poplar East London, whose 17 year old daughter, Rosie, collapsed whilst playing tennis in a pair of dazzlingly white shorts, believes that ads which portray women participating in a variety of sports and strenuous outdoor activities during their menstrual cycle, are misleading and a bad influence on impressionable youngsters.

Speaking from her home last night, Mrs Cummings said: “Rosie was always a quiet and studious child, who much preferred being indoors curled up with a book, or chatting to her friends on Facebook to taking part in vigorous outdoor sports. But as soon as she began her period, her whole demeanour would change and almost immediately she’d put on blindingly white clothing before going off rock climbing, abseiling, roller blading and so on.

“She would even wait for a really windy day before going out for a game of tennis in a tiny skirt with a pair of white pants on, so that people could see how confident she was.

“In my day we’d just stay in for a few days during our time of the month, helping our mums with the housework; or we’d sit up in our bedrooms reading books with a face like thunder. These companies have got a lot to answer for if you ask me.”

We spoke to the CEO of one of Britain’s foremost, feminine hygiene product makers, Carefree Girl Ltd, Mrs Julie Dentworth, who told us: “Of course, we’re deeply sorry to learn of this terrible tragedy and our thoughts are with Rosie’s family at this distressing time. However, we totally refute any allegations that we’re harming youngsters by encouraging them to pursue an active lifestyle during their menstrual cycle, in fact, I’m in the middle of a particularly heavy period myself at the moment and can’t wait to begin scaling a rock face wearing a pair of skin-tight white trousers and pink drawers.”




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