Moonpig Website Hacked Causing Millions of Improved Personal Messages and Photos

ONLINE personal card website Moonpig was at the centre of a hacking crisis that has seen an increased improvement in personal messages and a higher level of photo quality, it has emerged.

Hacking Moonpig raises personal message and photo quality, according to hackers.

Moonpig is the latest popular website to be hacked but sources say the level of quality has increased due to the hacking.

One hacking expert, who wished not to be named as he is currently working on hacking into a games console and an unnamed government website, told Dafty News: “Moonpig needed hacked. For too long too many users were uploading really crap photos and writing very lame personal messages to their loved ones and friends. It was time to put an end to it and start producing a better quality of personal messages.”

Spokesperson for Moonpig said since the hacking everything has got a lot better. He told Dafty News: “Even the spelling in the written messages from users has improved dramatically and the really stupid photos users were uploading have decreased and made way for more better ones you’d associate with a nice card.”

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