Metal Detector Enthusiasts Still as Weird and Creepy Forty Years on

IT’S been almost forty years since the metal detector phenomena stormed Britain’s lonely beaches.

Even after all this time, enthusiasts of the most insignificant invention known to humankind, are still as weird and creepy today as they’ve ever been.

Weirdo psychologist Anna Krimplestein warned Dafty News of the sad and lonely past-time and how individuals are just as vulnerable in the modern world today compared to the dizzy heights of 1976.

She said: “Way back then people who roamed the beaches scanning for nothing more than empty tuna cans and worthless used coins of little value were just poor folks in need of a life.

“Today there is no excuse for such activity. I’d say those folks are even worse and in dire need of a life but I am not supposed to say that because I am a psychologist.”

Dafty News have been told to inform all our readers that if they see anyone on a beach holding a metal detector they should call the appropriate authorities and stay well away from the person or persons as the boredom could be highly dangerous.

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