Mass Panic in Asda: Loudspeaker Announces Food For Sale in Aisles

SHOPPERS in ASDA were subjected to a horrific experience yesterday after a female voice announced over the tannoy that food was on offer throughout many of the store’s aisles, it has emerged.

The announcement, thought to be made by a 28-year-old member of staff named Claire, who is a little bit overweight, has her hair tied back in a scrunch, and is a single mother-of-three; terrified shoppers with offers on everything from the bare essentials to some of ASDA’s  clothing range.

One shopper who wished not to be named said: “It was terrifying. Shoppers were running for cover as the announcement was made. There was ASDA offers all over the place to entice shoppers to stay longer in the store.”

Meanwhile, in a nearby Sainsbury’s shoppers suffered a traumatic four hours inside the store as members of staff were seen packing shelves with a full range of items and marking each individual product with a pricing gun before unleashing their special offers to the unsuspecting public.

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