A 35-year-old man with masochistic tendencies has revealed that he was treated firmly but extremely fairly during an overnight detention in a Cairo police station.

Ali Musharak, a taxi driver, told reporters that he was arrested and detained after being caught throwing rocks at security forces during a street riot last Tuesday.

Looking pale and visibly shaken by his ordeal, Musharak said: “It was a night Ill never forget as long as I live. After my arrest. I was told by an officer at the police station that I was going to be detained overnight for my own safety, or at least until peace had been restored on the streets.

I was then led to a cell by two officers who gave me tea and biscuits and a cosy blanket. They then asked me if I wanted the light on or off before leaving me to get some sleep. To my disappointment, neither of them even once threatened to beat me on the soles of my feet, let alone send electric shocks through my genitals while I stood in a bowl of water.

At one point, at around 3.00am, a burly officer entered the cell and my hopes grew that at last I was going to be subjected to inhumane treatment of some description, or at the very least, be dragged from the cell for brutal interrogation by a sadistic member of the secret police who would slap me around a bit while I was tied helpless to a chair.

Instead of which, the officer asked me if I was warm enough and offered to make me a cup of hot chocolate. He then tucked the blanket in around my feet and left. It was the lowest point of my entire ordeal by far and I began to wonder if this incessant kindness would ever end.

At around 9.00am the following morning, a high ranking officer came in with my morning tea and a form, asking me to rate the comfort of the accommodation and friendliness of the staff on a scale ranging from: Polite but a little distant to Id certainly recommend this station to family and friends

I was then given a plate of scrambled eggs with crispy bacon and offered a lift back to my home in a police car. It was an ordeal I wouldnt even wish on my worst enemy to be honest with you

A weeping Masharak was then led away by relatives after telling reporters that he was planning to leave the country for Zimbabwe in the next few days, where he plans to fire a pea shooter at Robert Mugabi and to accuse him publicly of dyeing his hair.

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