Man Walks Free After Shooting Intruder: Jury Shown Drawing of Stick Man Stealing TV Set

WITH the lack of CCTV camera evidence, it was always going to be difficult for a court to believe a man’s story that he shot and killed an intruder in his home because he and his family were under threat.

Stick Man drawing of intruder shooting impresses jury.


However, quick-thinking quiet family man, accused of murdering the thief during a late night raid in his own home, asked court stewards for an A4 sheet of paper and a couple of pencils. 

Within minutes, he was able to give the judge a full account of exactly what happened by drawing the whole scene of that fateful night in his leafy suburb semi-detached house.

The drawing depicts a full version of events from the minute he and his wife were woken by the sound of a glass door being forced open to finding a masked intruder stealing his TV set.

The jury of 9 all passed their verdict of 9-0 to the judge where the man walked free.

His lawyer spoke outside the court:

“My client doesn’t have any cameras installed in his home so in order to give the judge and jury an exact account of what happened he drew on a sheet of A4 paper.”

The dead man’s family plan to appeal after complaining the drawings were so good it looked like they were drawn by a professional cartoonist/illustrator.

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