Man Posts ‘Live Each Day as if it Was Your Last’ on Facebook Found to be a Right Lazy Bastard

by Stephen Hamilton

A FACEBOOK user sparked concern last night after he posted a meme encouraging other users to ‘Live Each Day as if it Was Your Last’, but is actually a right lazy bastard who does nothing every day of his life, it has emerged.

The self-proclaimed Facebook philosopher’s lifestyle was revealed after an undercover investigation.

A spokesperson for the investigation team told our reporters: “We can confirm the gentleman who posted the very encouraging ‘Live Each Day as if it Was Your Last’ on Facebook is actually a self-loathing, self-inflicting, fat, greasy, unemployed, lay-about who does absolutely sod all with his life.”

Facebook made the following statement after the meme was published to the man’s wall:

“We expect our users to live by their posts and not exaggerate. If you post a motivational meme that says ‘Live Each Day as if it Was Your Last’, then we expect you to do as described.

“That means beginning your day with a bungee jump, followed by an underwater CrossFit session whilst being circled by hungry sharks. After that, we insist on finishing your day (if you are still alive) with a naked parachute leap holding a glass of wine.”









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