Man Comes Back From Having an Outer Body Experience: Three Times Over The Limit

A FORTY-FIVE YEAR-OLD man from London has baffled scientists after coming back from the dead with a breathalyser reading of being three times over the alcohol consumption limit, according to reports.

The unnamed man, thought to have fallen ill with a heart illness, was pronounced dead, but medics fought to bring him back successfully, only to discover he may have gotten himself a little bit tipsy in the afterlife, albeit for a brief few seconds.

Dr Hemlestenson from the hospital where the alleged paranormal incident took place, told Dafty News: “This is a new one for us. Normally people die and come back with a range of ‘meeting Jesus as they entered the big white tunnel’ stories but this guy seemed to have found a liquor store on the other side.”

It’s not the first time this week that paranormal activity has been recorded scientifically.

Last Tuesday a thirty-three-year-old mother-of-six died for approximately seven minutes before being revived.

The woman, who had suffered a head injury, claimed she met all her dead relatives accepting Candy Crush invites.

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