Man Loses Discrimination Case After Being Fired For Being ‘Too Good’ at His Work

A 43-YEAR-OLD office worker from Whitechapel in London has lost a high court discrimination case after he was sacked by his bosses because he was ‘too good’ at what he did.

Albert Smith, a father-of-eight, was devastated when bosses called him into the office where a dismissal notice was handed to him, after almost twenty-five years’ service.

Co-workers say ‘he had it coming’ after he was caught securing important contracts for his bosses, being friendly to other staff members and raising the profile of the company he has worked for, for over two decades.

He told Dafty News: “In my view it was a clear act of sheer discrimination. I am the top salesperson. I am the only one with a 100% on-time - every time record. I have never asked for a rise in wages and I have never even had a day off work.”

Mr Smith plans to go to the European Court of Working Rights with his case but bosses at his old workplace insist their move was justified.

Jerry Goldsmithstein, one of the head bosses at the firm, hit back: “We cannot possibly have an employee with a marvellous attitude, a perfect and excellent personality and we sure as hell cannot afford anyone in our workforce who has abilities. That wouldn’t be very ‘British’ of us, so he had to go.”

It may take some time for the European Court of Working Rights to accept the case after it emerged they are inundated with cases ranging from a firefighter being sacked for putting out too many fires, a police officer being dismissed for catching far too many criminals and a drug dealer losing his job for not selling enough narcotics with a high street level.

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