Man Hailed Hero After Finally Figuring How to Change Duvet on Bed

A 33-YEAR-OLD man from Bishop Auckland in England has been hailed a hero and inspiration after he figured out how to make a bed with a duvet set, it has emerged.

The man, thought to be of a highly intelligent make-up and lives in a comfortable apartment with his long-term partner, spoke to Dafty News about his extraordinary feat:

“It has taken me a long time to manage this great achievement but hopefully, other men can follow me and finally put an end to this horrible difficulty we all have to go through.”

Bed expert Jenna Franklesteinhoff said of the remarkable occasion: “To our records it looks like this gentleman has achieved a great deal more than other men. I would say the first man on the moon doesn’t come close to what this guy did.”

It is common knowledge that the mechanical structure of the male brain is suited for building and developing things but evolution hasn’t been kind to men because no-one can turn a quilt cover inside out and apply the duvet itself inside - before flipping it over to make a comfortable sleeping situation.


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Dafty News

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